Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spice Chicken Recipe Rica-rica Special

Spice Chicken Recipe Rica-rica Special a recipe of our choice this time, there are've ever tried? hehe okay I want to share with anyone who might not have had, and still requires a collection of recipes Indonesia
ya look at the following recipe

Spice Chicken Recipe Rica-rica Special


     8 pieces of chicken medium size
     2 cups of cooking oil
     250cc water

Seasoning Ingredients:

     5 grains of red onion
     3 tomatoes
     3 garlic
     1/2 ginger
     2 tsp sugar
      5 pieces of red chilli
      and salt to taste

Making way:

Rinse chicken
  2. then heat the oil, put it flat and seasoning aromatic
  3. and enter the chicken, wait until the seasoning blend on the chicken
  4. then add water, wait until half cooked and then lift
  5. last step grilled chicken and coat with spice in the blind before.

Now it's a delicious dish that opr special chicken recipe of Indonesian Cuisine Recipes
Good luck and continue to create

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  1. I am from Singapore, currently I am involved in a project that would need a picture of rica- rica ayam.
    While searching on the net, I came across your blog with the recipe of rica- rica ayam which is suitable for my project. So I would like to ask if you are willing to share the original picture with me?

    Looking forward to your reply, will appreciate your kind assistance!